It’s time for the annual holiday production for a struggling
gay theatre company in West Hollywood. Jim, the pot-
smoking straight tech guy, offends M&M, the eclectic
playwright, causing him to walk out and take his script
with him. Now the crazy and drama-addicted team has just
a few weeks to produce the “gayest Christmas pageant ever.”
This holiday camp-fest is a fast-paced comedy packed with
hilarious dialog and over-the-top characters.

Written and Directed by Joe Marshall

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Alternative Theatre Company | (212) 464-8875


“The cast of Cirque du Soleil said: 'Is that a dare?'"

- Conan O’Brien

“The title alone is brilliant!”

- Kathy Griffin

“The show scores a


- AOL Tripvine

“It’s a hit!”

- Backstage

“It probably is the gayest Christmas pageant ever and it certainly is the funniest!”

- OUT In Jersey

"A potpourri of fun!"


“A "must take" for every closed-minded bigot in America. If you know one, drag them to see this show!”

- Brazilian Press

“Make it part of your

Christmas season!”

- OUT In Jersey


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